Wk15-Partner Interview-Jose Santillan

For my partner interview I decided to interview Jose Santillan and found out that we had a lot of things in common. Jose is from Bell and attended Bell High School meaning that he is very familiar with the Los Angeles area since he grew up in the area. Jose comes from a pretty big family and told me that family is everything to him and he really enjoys being part of his family. As of right now Jose is majoring in Psychology but he is thinking about changing his major to Science and possibly minoring in art illustration simply because it is a passion he has. He expressed to me that having a major and a minor creates a level of comfort for him because it creates options and opens doors for many job opportunities.

Aside from all the general information I washable to find out about Jose, I also was able to find out the things he likes to do for recreation on his free time. In high school Jose was very involved in sports as was part of the soccer, track and field, and cross country team which was something we had in common since I was involved in many sports such as football, wrestling and some track. By the way he talked about the sports he played I can tell that he had a great passion for the sports he participated in and is something he put a lot of time into. Jose told me that one of the things he enjoyed doing the most was simply just running because it was a sort of stress relief when he had a lot of things on his mind. Another we had in common is that we both enjoyed playing video games and listening to music as a way to get away from our busy lives and just enjoy life.

Jose is a very level minded person and I can see that he has a lot going for him in the future. He knows what he has to do to be successful and has a very well thought out plan on the things he can do to make sure he reaches his goals. It was very cool to get to know Jose on a deeper level and get to know what he is into. It is very cool to hear what people are into and be able to compare and contrast what we do and dont have in common.


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