Wk15-Artist Interview-Hyeri Kim

For my artist interview this week I chose an art piece by Hyeri Kim which was named “His extravagant proposal” and was made up of exhibits that showed artifacts that make up a wedding. Walking into this exhibit I felt very awkward at first because as a nineteen year old college student marriage is the last thing on my mind. After I stayed and observed the exhibit for a while I realized the importance and the message that the artist was trying to get across. I realized that even though I am very young and it is not something I should be thinking about right now, it is a very important topic that I must consider because eventually it will happen. Being that the artist was also young it made me feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of marriage because it made me realize that it is a normal thing to be thinking about from time to time.

Right now is the time that most people find their mates that they will spend the rest of their lives with which can be scary to think about but it is definitely something I need to be aware of. As of now I have a girlfriend who is very dear to my heart and is someone who makes me happy but it is not a definite thing that I will one day marry her. Since I’ve been in a relationship I realized that love is an important thing and that we all feel the need to be loved by somebody which is very important if you want to experience happiness in your lifetime. The love and respect I get from others is something I value very much because of the fact that they are taking the time out of their day to show that they care. This was a very eye opening exhibit for me and made me realize a lot of things about love and what it actually means to commit to someone.

The part of the exhibit that really caught my attention was the diamond ring because of the significant value it carries. One day when I am financially capable I plan on buying a very nice ring to show my future wife that she means a lot to me. I know that material things aren’t very important but if you can spoil someone that you love I don’t see why I shouldn’t. This was a very cool exhibit and it was very eye opening and made me the realize the things I will have to come across in life. being young we try to be blind yo thing and ignore things we aren’t ready for but it is good to step back and realize that things are coming our way wether we like it or not. Hyeri has a great talent with communicating her messages through her art and I can see her having a bright future ahead of her.

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