Wk13-Classmate Interview-David Ngo

For this weeks classmate interview I decided to interview David Ngo and got to know him pretty well in a very short period amount of time. This is Davids first year at Cal State Long Beach and he expressed to me that he had a hard time deciding whether he wanted to attend Pomona or Long Beach but ended up choosing to attend Long Beach because of the beach. After attending Long Beach for a while he realized that he had made the right choice and is very happy to be where he is at. He is currently undeclared but he is taking classes to possibly major in mechanical engineering but he is still on the edge about his major. David is planning on making his decision next semester because he wanted to give it one semester to see if he actually wanted to be an engineer rather than changing it last minute. David comes from a very small family and wishes he had more siblings his age so he would have someone to hangout with at all times.

Not only did I get to know all the general information about him but I was also able to know what were his hobbies and things he enjoyed doing in his free time. David told me he had been involved in sports his whole life and since he came to Long Beach he has decided to join the rugby team. That is one thing we had in common because when I had first come to Long Beach I also wanted to join the rugby team since I had played football in high school and wanted to be involved in an aggressive sport. David also told me that he enjoys listening to all types of music but his favorite genre is electronic dance music and enjoys going to all the concerts and festivals. After talking for a while we realized we where at the same festival and have attend a lot of the same festivals.

It was really cool to talk to David and get to know another classmate and make a lot more friends. He is a very self motivated young man and I know he has a bright future ahead of him. No matter what major he decides to make his career I know he will make the best of it because he seems like a focused person. I enjoy these classmate interviews because of the fact that it takes me out my comfort zone to get to know other people and possibly network with some of them.


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