Wk13-Artist Interview-Jeff Dulla

For this week I picked an art piece by Jeff Dulla named “Cyclical Nature”, which was part of the BFA Drawing and Painting Show Exhibition and really caught by attention because of its really vibrant colors. The art piece consist of many dark shades of black and blue with a very big moon in the background that is made up of many shades of red and pink. Out of everything that makes up the painting, what really caught my attention was the moon in the background and how beautifully the all the colors are mixed together to create a bright and vibrant feel. Every artist has some type of inspiration behind their art work and when I was trying to analyze this art piece I realized that the colors had a lot to do with the message the artist was trying to get across to its viewers. The way the colors are put together and set up, stirred up many feelings in me and made me come up with my own interpretation of what this painting meant.

The message I interpreted from this painting was that the artist was trying to tell us that we may have hard times but there is a brother day to come. We can see how the artist used very dark colors up close to show how there are times that we struggle and it seems that there is no way to get over our struggles, which gives us this dark depressing feel. Then the artist used very bright vibrant colors in the backdrop of the painting to illustrate how there is always a brighter day ahead of and we just have to push through our hard times even when it seems like there is no way out. While viewing this art piece I felt very uplifted and gave me a spirit of hope because it reminded me to keep my head up even when things are looking down. My interpretation of this painting might of been wrong to what the artist was really trying to get across but what really mattered to me was that it made a difference in my life.

This was a magnificent art piece that spoke through its use of colors and abstract shapes. This was on of my favorite art pieces of the whole year because i really enjoyed the color manipulations and how the piece made me feel. Jeff Dulla did a great job using color to express feelings and how he used color to manipulate our feelings. Jeff has spectacular talent and I know he has a great future ahead of him as long as he keeps his priorities straight and keeps focused.


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