Wk12-Artist Interview-Timothy Cooper

For this week I chose an art piece by Timothy Cooper named “Something that means Something” and I chose this piece because of my curiosity behind the name and because of the simplicity of the art piece. The art piece consisted of many white plates that where laid on the ground in the gallery in an order that created a cross shape. When viewing the art piece I immediately thought that the way they were organized had something to do with what the artist was trying to communicate to its viewers being that it was set up in a way that looked like a cross. I believed that the artist had some sort of religious meaning behind the art piece but couldn’t make a connection with what the plates symbolized. I am very interested in abstract art so I tried to break down every aspect of the art piece to try and figure out what the artist was trying to communicate.

With much thought I came to my own conclusion that the art piece symbolized prosperity and purity since all the plates where white and where place in a way that shaped a cross. I try to always pay attention to detail so every time I analyze a piece of art I try to find a meaning behind everything that the piece consist of. I decided to read the artist mission statement so I may be able to understand what the goals of this piece of art where and really get to understand the artwork. After reading the mission statement I realized that I had thought about this piece way to intellectually and that my idea of what the art piece symbolized was way off. This art project was created by multiple people and the whole point of the project was to prove that it is important to create things as a community to create a social and personal experience.

It was very cool to see how each plate has a significant value because they each have been made by an individual person. This was a very cool art project and was very inspired when I heard the meaning behind it. Timothy Cooper has a great vision with his artwork and I know he will make a great impact in the world of the arts.


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