Wk12-Activity-Teach One

For this activity I decided to teach my girlfriend Alayna Grapel about the the inspiration of painting so I concentrated mostly on week seven which was painting week. Since I am a film major I am very creative and artsy so I hangout with people who are very alike. Since I moved into my new house me and my roommates decided to create a chalk wall in our living room so when we feel inspiration we can grab a piece of chalk and draw what we feel. I decided to show Alayna the art on our chalk wall and express to her the importance of expanding our creativity and the importance of expressing ourselves. Once I began explaining all the great things about painting and just transfer our creativity onto a wall, Alayna got inspired and decided to add some art of her own. This was a very cool activity because of the fact that I was able to teach something and express how I feel about art.



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