Wk12-Classmate Interview-Jose Lara

For this weeks classmate interviewed I was fortunate enough to pair up with Jose Lara and learned a lot about him in a very short amount of time. Jose is from Lakewood which is very close to Long Beach which is one of the main reasons he decided to attend CSULB since he wanted to stay close to home. Jose is the second one in his family to attend college because his older brother attend CSUN which is also very close by. Jose is currently on his second year at CSULB and is majoring in accounting and his main goal is to one day open his own private accounting firm once he graduates. He says that the main source of his motivation is that he wants to one day be able to support his parents without them having to work, which was something we had in common since that is also one of my main goals.

Aside from all the general information I was able to find out about Jose, I was also able to get to know Jose’s interests and what he did on his free time. When I asked Jose what was his favorite food was he said that he enjoys eating most fast food but if he had to pick one he would choose In N Out as his all time favorite. I also asked Jose if he was an owner of a pet and he said he had two dogs back home and they were both blue nosed pit bulls. One thing we really had in common was that we were both part of fraternities and we spent a lot of time talking about what our fraternities meant to us. Even though we belong to different fraternities we both had similar opinions on how fraternities can benefit our lives in the future and we both were very proud to be part of our fraternities.

I noticed that Jose was a very self motivated young man and I can see him doing great things in the future. He knows what he wants to do in life and doesn’t let anything get in his way. He is a very interesting person and it was really cool to hear what kind of person he is. I love being able to do classmate interviews because you learn a lot about someone that you probably wouldn’t get to know if you didn’t hangout with them.


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