Wk11-Classmate Interview-Marlene Gonzalez

For the classmate interview this week I decided to interview Marlene Gonzalez and got to know a lot about her in a short period of time. Marlene happened to be standing right in front of the entrance of the gallery and looked very approachable so I didn’t hesitate to ask for her interview. Marlene is from Downey which is really close to Long Beach and is one of the main reasons she decided to attend CSULB. This year is her third year attending CSULB and is currently majoring in Child Development and plans on becoming a pre school teacher once she has graduated. She wants to work with young children because she believes that it is a very critical time period in their development as members of society. If we are able to teach children at a young age what is right and wrong and how to think about the decisions they make they will become better contributing members of society.

One thing we had in common was that we are both Mexican and can both agree that we love Mexican food. Aside from being Mexican she is also part Guatemalan which I thought was really cool because it is pretty rare to find someone who comes from to different latino backgrounds. Another thing we had in common is that we both come from big families which is very common amongst latino families and we were also able to agree that having older siblings is very cool because of the fact that we get to learn a lot from them. Since I have a dog back home I asked Marlene if she owned any pets and she said no but she loves dogs and eventually would like to get one. Another thing I asked her was what was her favorite type of music and she said that she likes Mexican music simply because of the fact that she grew up around it but she also enjoys listening to Hip Hop.

Another thing she shared with me was that she had a boyfriend and she actually showed me a promise ring he bought her. I thought it was really nice and she also explained that she plans on eventually marring him if everything goes as planned. It was very cool to get to know Marlene on a more personal level and I liked how we had a couple things in common. She had a very sweet personality and was very sociable which made the interview a lot less awkward and made the interview a lot more interesting. I really enjoyed our conversation and wish her nothing but the best in the future with her academics and social life.


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