Wk11-Artist Interview- Romina Del Castillo

For this week I chose an art piece by Romina Del Castillo which was titled “Golden Shower”, which caught my attention because of how realistic the piece looked. The piece consisted of a drawing of a nun and a baby that are created by a lot of black and white shading with a very light pink background. The shading in this art piece is spectacular which makes the features of the nun and the baby appear very realistic and brings the art piece to life. The thing that I found very amazing was the fact that the art piece was made with just charcoal and pastels, which was mind blowing because of how detailed and sharp every line and color is presented in the portrait. Every time I analyze an art piece I like to figure out the reason behind the name the artist has chosen for the art piece because I believe the name has a lot to do with the motivation or deeper meaning behind the piece. When I tried to put the name and the the visual part of the art piece together I couldn’t really think of how the name and visual correlated together and had me scratching my head at one point.

After much thought I was able to come up with my own conclusion of why the artist might of picked this name for her portrait and how they correlate together. The portrait has a drawing of a nun and we can see a baby floating in mid air trying to place a crown with thorns and roses on the nuns head. By the baby we can see what appears to be rays of sun light and we get this impression because of the gold stripes that appear at the right corner. Since the portrait was given the name “Golden Shower” I came to the conclusion that the baby was no ordinary baby but it was in fact a baby angel and I came to this conclusion because of the fact that angels come from the heavens above just like the water that comes fro  a hove the shower head when you shower. The color gold to me represents purity, power and royalty, which is how the heavens are viewed as by those involved in religion and have a belief in God. The other obvious reason that brought me to conclude that this was a religious related portrait was the fact that there was a nun in the portrait, which is a part of the catholic church.

After talking to the artist, she mentioned that her main goal of her art projects is to create a certain feeling in each person no matter what it is. Its is all about connecting with the art piece and making a personal connection because in the end the only thing that matters is that it made a difference in your life. I loved this art piece because I am a big fan of realism and love how Romina used her creativity to bring this portrait to life. Romina has unbelievable talent and I know for a fact her talent will take her a long way in her career. As long as she stays focus and motivated she will make a positive impact in the art world.


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