Wk11-Activity-Student Choice

For my activity this week I decided to venture out and explore art that’s displayed in city and can be found in street walls, buildings, billboards and other places art can be created. This week I had a family trip to New York and saw this as a perfect time and place to explore and find some great art. Walking around New York City there were many great art pieces all over the place but I wanted to find something that I had never seen before. Getting closer to Time Square I found the piece I was looking for and it caught my attention because of how big and colorful it was. It consisted of an entire building that was pretty much used as a sketch pad for an artist and used their creativity to create a very beautiful art piece. This was definitely my favorite art piece that I was able to find in New York City and it made me realize how much art can be found in New York. I thought this was a good idea for an activity because I want people to realize they don’t need to go to a gallery or a museum to see great art but they can go out and explore their cities to find great pieces of art.



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