Wk10-Partner Interview-Christian Espinoza

This week for my partner interview I paired up with Christian Espinoza and was able to learn a lot about him in a small amount of time. Christian is from Harbor City which is not to far from Long Beach and is one of the reasons why Christian decided to attend CSULB since he wanted to stay close to home. This is his first year attending CSULB as a freshmen and is currently majoring in English but he said that there is a possibility that it could change. Christian comes from a pretty large family which was something we had in common since i also come from a big family and we were both able to agree that being an only child would suck. Family is really important to Christian, as it should be, and told me that without his family a lot of things in his life wouldn’t have been possible.

Aside from the general information i was able to find out about Christian we were able to talk about the hobbies that interest us. Christian told me that one thing he enjoys doing as a hobby is playing the guitar and has been a hobby since he was eight. He has been is several bands overtime but didn’t really enjoy the experiences he had when being in a band. Christian is still pursuing a career in music as he goes to school but he doesn’t see music as a main priority he sees it more as a hobby and he is hopeful his talent will get noticed. I was also able to find out that Christians favorite type of food is any kind of asian food but he is specifically a big fan of Korean BBQ, which was something we definitely had in common. Another thing we had in common was that we were both animal lovers and we were both owners of dogs who are very dear to our heart. Christian also enjoys going to the beach on his free time and loves to boogie board with his friends usually on the weekend.

I had a very interesting conversation with Christian and was able to learn a lot about him. We had many things in common which was really cool and exciting. Christian seems like he is a very self motivated person with a bright future and I can see him being really successful in the future. I was glad to talk to him because i was able to find out a lot of things about him that I probably wouldn’t know about him by just seeing him.


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