Wk10-Maggie Freed-Artist Interview

For this week I chose an art piece by Maggie Freed, which wasn’t titled but spoke for itself through the beautiful colors in the oil canvas. The oil canvas consisted of different shades of pink, red, black and all the colors complimented one another making this a beautiful canvas. I felt like the artist really emphasized on the colors because of the fact that she wanted the viewers to catch her message through the colors. Since this was a really abstract piece of art it quickly caught my attention and I tried my best to interpret what message the artist was trying to communicate to us. After standing there and just staring at the canvas, the colors began to make me feel a certain way and I was finally able to come up with my own interpretation of the art piece.

Since there was a lot of red in the canvas I got this feeling of love and passion since red is a color of intense emotion. I also realized that the canvas consisted of a lot of shades of black which is the complete opposite of red which made me think why the artist would mix these colors together. Through my own interpretation I felt like the artist was trying to interpret how the feelings of love battle with the feelings of hate and how it is a constant battle in life. I felt like the different shades of each color where a representation of when we have mixed emotions and we can’t decide on how to feel so we are not completely one sided on a certain emotion. Emotions are everything and play a major factor on how we live our lives and I felt like that was the message the artist was trying to get across to its viewers. This abstract piece of art made me think a lot which is why it really caught my attention because I like to analyze and reflect when viewing other peoples artistic work. I wanted to know if my interpretation of the art work was correct or not so I decided to look for Maggie and here what where her real intentions behind the canvas.

When talking to Maggie she said that the main purpose of her work was to explore anxiety and fear which made a lot of sense considering the colors. My interpertation was obviously wrong but what I did get right was that her canvas did represent emotion and she was really happy to hear I got that vibe from her art work. She told me that everyone interprets art differently and no matter if the artists does have a meaning behind an art piece the only thing that matters is that it made an impact in someones life. Art wasn’t meant to be straight forward it was meant to be abstract so that we take the time to appreciate its beauty. This was a really cool canvas that got me thinking really hard, which I enjoy, and was a piece of art I wouldn’t mind hanging on my own wall.  Maggie has a lot of talent and I could see her being really successful in the future because of her great artistic abilities.


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