Wk9-Partner Interview- Jonathan Garcia

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Jonathan Garcia and really enjoyed our conversation. Jonathan is a third year at Cal State Long Beach and says he has enjoyed every minute of his college career. For Jonathan the college experience has really changed his life and has allowed him to learn more about himself as a person as the years have progressed. He is from South Gate which is not to far from Long Beach so Jonathan is pretty familiar with the area and its perks. At the moment he is undeclared but claims he wants to major in health care administration and has been taking classes towards that major but just hasn’t declared yet. He comes from a big family and enjoys that since he is always able to talk to something when something important comes up. We were able to relate in this area because I also come from a big family which is great because I always have someone there for me or someone to just hangout with when I’m bored.

One thing we really had in common was that we both are really into cars. we had an extensive conversation about cars and their mechanics and had very similar thoughts. His favorite type of cars are Chevrolets and mostly the older more classic ones that are very rare. My favorite car are Porches which is a commonality since we both like cars with speed and muscle. One thing that I found really interesting is that he is very involved in drag racing and has been to many drag racing events and explained to me all the details of the events, which made me want to go to one someday. His favorite type of music is Hip-Hop and most rap as long as it is not too main stream. He really enjoys to listen to politically attacking music because he likes to hear what others have to say about certain issues going on in the world. Jonathan is also a proud owner of a red nose pit bull  which is very dear to his heart since it has been in his family since he was an infant.

Jonathans main goal in life is to help others and make a difference in someones life by doing so. He believes that if we give back to the community sooner or later the community will give back to us as individuals. Jonathan believes that we all have a purpose in life and if we don’t act on it and make an impact on this earth then our lives are not meaningful. Jonathan is a very wise young man and it was good to have a conversation with him because I learned a lot about him as a person and his beliefs.


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