Wk9-Christine Hudson-Artist Interview

For this week the art piece I chose was by Christine Hudson, which was exhibited in the Merlino Galllery. This art piece caught my attention right away as soon as I walked into the gallery because of the fact that it was located on the floor and it consisted of what seemed to be hundreds of teeth. This piece was a little out of the ordinary since it isn’t an everyday thing to walk into a room with hundreds of teeth on the floor which I found a little weird. I didn’t walk in because I was sure if we could walk into the gallery because I was really scared to walk on the ceramic teeth that were placed on the floor and to have precaution i just decided to look from outside the gallery. This piece was mind bobbling for me because I had no idea what the art project meant or what it represented so I knew I had to do my research on it.

After asking questions and doing my research I found out that the art piece was inspired by one of her friends that had committed suicide. She was in the middle of an art project that required her to make ceramic teeth when she heard the news, which took a great toll on her. As a stress reliever she decided to keep making ceramic teeth to try to cope with her friends death and from there she decided to turn it into an art piece. When I heard this story it really touched me and moved me because it made me realize that we need to cherish the people that we love because one moment they can be here and the next they can be gone. This piece was very inspiring and I love art that has a meaning behind it because it makes it that more special.

This art piece didn’t have a variation of colors nor did it have any fancy details but it was an art piece that came from the heart. It was an art piece that has a story behind it and emotion behind it which makes it that much more of a special project. This has been one of my favorite projects of the year simply because of the inspiring story behind it and the artist motivation. The artist had a message she wanted to get out through her art and wanted to create something that people can remember her friend by, which is very moving. Christine is a very talented artist with a good heart and I can’t wait to see what other art projects see has in store.

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