Wk8-Partner Interview-Albert Macias

For the partner interview I paired up with Albert Macias and found out very interesting facts about him. Albert is a local from Long Beach who graduated from Warren High School from the class of 2014 and was very active at his high school. He was part of his marching band in high school and was part of the leadership group that set up big events at school such as rallies and sports events. I was also able to find out that he is really musically talented and is able to play three instruments, which he learned as he grew up. Albert is a business major and has the hopes to someday get involved in the fashion business and has had this thought ever since he can remember.

His family has been involved in the fashion business in some sort of way for a long time. His mom started off in the fashion business when she came over to the United States at the age of 16 to make a living and ever since her children have followed her foot steps. His brother is also currently involved in the fashion industry and wants to keep the tradition going and also get into the fashion industry since it is his passion. One of his main goals as of now is that he is trying to create his own brand to sell his own clothing which will target people who struggle financially. he is planning on making clothing that is quality and affordable for everyone that way more people will be interested in his clothing.

Albert has many great ideas and is a very talented young man. I can see him being really successful in the fashion industry and I would definitely buy some of his clothing. I had a very interesting and fun conversation with Albert and was able to get to know him a little more as a person which was really cool. I wish him all the luck in reaching his goals and dreams and i wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with a big clothing line.


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