Wk8-Artist Interview-Christopher Wilden

The art piece I chose this week was from the “Then and Now” exhibit by Christopher Wilden and it was a portrait that demonstrated two hands in a prayer position with the words “Tap to Pray” at the top. What made me pick this art piece was the fact that as I was observing the piece I realized that in between the hands there was a phone, which really sparked my attention. The art piece was very simple and there wasn’t much to see but when I see art like this I know there has to be a greater meaning to it. I started to analyze the portrait and tried to interpret what the artists message was and had a hard time trying to think of something but then something moved me and I was able to interpret the portrait in a way that really touched me.

When people tend to pray they tend to focus on one thing and that is meditating on God and canceling out all distractions that can ruin their focus. What I interpreted from the phone being in the prayer hands was that now a day because of all the technology that is given to us, we don’t take the time to focus on one thing and enjoy the beauty of life. We are so distracted by all the technology put in front of us that we don’t take the time to appreciate everything going on around us and the things that are actually important. I feel like the artist was trying to communicate to us that we need to stop idolizing the materialistic things and pay more attention to the things that actually can effect us or the people that actually care for us. We are so consumed by technology that it has made us a very anti-social world compared to how it used to be. we need to start checking ourselves and our values and what we spend most of our time doing because I know that personally I do spend a lot of my time on my tech devices.

This art piece opened my eyes and made me realize that i need to start making some changes in my life and re-establish my focus on the important things in life. The artist wasn’t around to ask him questions about his artwork which was really a bummer but even then I was able to get a lot out of his work. This was probably one of the most motivating and eye opening art pieces that I have come across in the year and has really changed my view on certain things. I have made it a personal goal to try my best to stay away from all the technology distractions and focus more of my attention on things such as my social skills and meditating and reflecting on my life. I know it won’t be a easy task but I know that it is achievable and in the end it will benefit me.


Printmaking tag: csulbprintmaking


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