Wk7-Artist Interview-Kenita Hale

The art piece I chose for this week was by Kenita Hale named “After party”, which caught my attention because of its dark atmosphere and feeling it gives off. The art piece consisted of drapes which enclosed the darkness and inside the drapes there were candles which light up stone faces which seemed to be made out of concrete material. The darkness of the room that the art pieces were in and the lit up candles gave of this evil and dark vibe which I am amusing was Kenitas intentions. This art piece had many tombstone like things set up around candles which allowed us to see the faces on the tombstones and really brought out the details of the artwork. As I was observing and really trying to interpret the art work i had many ideas of what the art could represent and the name is what really helped me interpret the piece the best I could.

I felt like the piece represented the after life and gave me a realization that there is an ending to this life. The tombstone looking art pieces gave made me believe that the artist was trying to interpret death and the darkness that enclosed the room also gave me a sense of darkness and sadness. But the lit candles to me meant hope and gave me a sense of hope that we actually do have a meaning on this earth we just have to take advantage of all opportunities. When I asked the artist what was the real meaning behind the her art work I wasn’t to far off.  She pretty much told me that her art work is meant for us to interpret it however we wanted to because it touches everyone in a different way. As long as it makes a difference and gives me a better understanding of life, that was the goal of her art work.

This piece of art was really inspiring to me because of the fact that it made me realize many things. It made me realize that life is really short and we need to make the most out of it while we are here on earth. We all interpret art in our own different ways but whats most important is that it makes a difference in peoples lives. This has been one of my favorite art pieces so far because it has really touched me and made me realize a lot about myself.


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