Wk7-Partner Interview-Troy Tintiangco

For this weeks partner interview I paired up with Troy Tintiangco and had a very interesting conversation that helped us learn a lot about one another. Troy is from San Diego and decided to attend Cal Sate Long Beach because of the fact that he loves the beach and Long Beach is a beach town. He doesn’t come from a big family, he has one brother and one sister which he is really close to and enjoys hanging out with. This is his second year at Cal State Long Beach and just like me he is a film major. He is planning on being a film editor while on the other hand I am planning on being a film producer, which in the future can be useful if I ever need a editor when making a film or he can give me a call if he needs a producer.

Aside from all the basic information I was able to find out about Troy I was also able to really get to know him as a person. One of Troys favorite hobbies is skateboarding and he told me it was a hobby he took up since he was really small. Skateboarding has been a big part of his life and is a sport he doesn’t plan on letting go for the rest of his life because it brings peace of mind and stress relief for him. One of Troys biggest projects that he is working on at the moment is creating a skate clothing brand since he is really into graphic design. He views creating designs as a hobby but he wouldn’t mind creating it into a career if he is able to take it that far. Another thing he likes to do on his free time is listen to music and he claims to be very picky about his music, Troy is a big fan of Hip-Hop but he dislikes most main stream artists and tends to look for artist that are more underground but still create great music. His favorite artist is called Sol who is a Hip-Hop artist from Washington which is not very well-known in the main stream world but is highly respected in the underground world.

I asked Troy what was his favorite type of food and he answered with a very respectable answer saying that since is a college student he can’t be picky with his food. If he had to pick something to be his favorite food it would be pizza because it has been something he has loved to eat since he was a kid. Since we are both film majors I had to ask him what his favorite film of all time was and he said “Forrest Gump” which is a preference I couldn’t argue with since that is a great movie. I am really into horror films and hope to one day produce a great horror film so I said that my favorite horror film was “The Omen”. He was able to agree that it was a great film so we had very similar taste in all-time great movies. Other things we had in common is that we love hanging out with our friends and love going to the beach and it was really cool to know someone he values the same things. Troy seems to be a guy with a bright future and I can see him doing great things in the future.



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