Wk6-Artist Interview-Isaiah Ulloa

The art piece I chose for this week was by Isaiah Ulloa named “Labyrinth”, which I chose because of how cool and interesting the sculptures looked to me. What really caught my attention about this art piece was how complex and detailed the artist was able to get with his sculptures using only a styrofoam material to create them. The deer sculpture Isaiah created was by far the most impressive piece of the whole gallery in my opinion because of how detailed and realistic the sculpture looks. The 3d art style brings a sense of life and realism to the deer sculpture making me as a viewer feel in touch with the sculpture. When I view art like this that has so much attention to detail it makes me have a great appreciation for the artist because you can see how much time and effort the artist put into this art project.

Having a conversation with Isaiah he told me that he is a BFA art sculpting major and is planning on using his major to make an impact and help people. Isaiah is planning on creating prosthetics in the future for those who have suffered from missing limbs. Isaiah told me that he is practicing by creating the most realistic sculptures he can since prosthetics require realism. Isaiah has done a great job so far in creating realistic art pieces because although I was very impressed with the deer sculpture he had many other great art pieces that were also very impressive. Even though the art pieces didn’t have vibrant colors, they were still brilliantly simple and made you feel connected and brought a sense of reality within the art piece.

After talking to Isaiah I realized that he has a great future ahead of him as an artist. He has a vision to use his talented art abilities to help others in the world that are in need. An artist that can make an impact using his artistic abilities will be an artist that will be remembered forever and I can see Isaiah being an impactful artist. I am really into realistic art, which is why this art piece is probably my favorite of the school year so far. The realism of the art projects drew me in and caught my eye right away so I couldn’t help but look into the art piece a little more. I had a great time conversing with Isaiah and learned a lot about him in a short period of time. With the drive and self motivation I can see in Isaiah as an artist I know he will excel.


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