Wk6-Partner Interview-Kevin Pham

For this weeks partner interview I paired up with Kevin Pham and had a conversation that allowed us to get to know one another a lot better. Kevin is a third year and is from Fountain Valley which is very close by, meaning that he commutes since he is very familiar with the area. He is a computer engineer major meaning that he is pretty smart but he said that he is always busy with school work because the work is very challenging even though he is pretty smart. Kevin is an only child which he claims to hate because of the fact that he is usually alone and doesn’t have someone to hangout with everyday. Since he is a only child he likes spending time with his friends as much as possible and has a very close relationship with most of his friends. I am a big animal person so I had to ask him if he had any animals but sadly he has no pets back home and I found out he is not a big animal person anyway.

Aside from all the general information, I was actually able to find out some interesting information about Kevin. I was able to find out that Kevin doesn’t really have a preference for his favorite food and would eat anything that is put in front of him. Kevin claims that he is a really good cook and loves cooking his own meals that are usually culturally diverse. On his free time he likes to spend time on the beach and enjoys sponging instead of surfing because of how difficult surfing can be. A hobbie we had in common that we do when we go to the beach is that we both enjoy boogie boarding. He also loves listening to music in his free time and his favorite genres are hip hop and R&B but he says he is open to all types of music. I have a very similar taste in music in comparison to Kevin but just like he said I am also very open to all different styles of music.

Since I am a film major I always tend ask people about their interest in films and what is their favorite type of film genre. Kevin told me that he is a big fan of film productions and always tries to keep updated on the latest films. His favorite genre was horror which is something we definitely had in common. Because of this commonality, we were able to have a very in depth on films and sharing our ideas for films that we could possibly make. We were both able to agree that one of the best movies ever made was the classic horror movie The Omen. Talking to Kevin was very interesting and was able to find out who  he is as a person and all the things that interest him. We were able to find out many commonalities between one another which is really cool because of the fact if we never spoke to each other we would never know certain things about each other.



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