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Wk9-Partner Interview- Jonathan Garcia

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Jonathan Garcia and really enjoyed our conversation. Jonathan is a third year at Cal State Long Beach and says he has enjoyed every minute of his college career. For Jonathan the college experience has really changed his life and has allowed him to learn more about himself as a person as the years have progressed. He is from South Gate which is not to far from Long Beach so Jonathan is pretty familiar with the area and its perks. At the moment he is undeclared but claims he wants to major in health care administration and has been taking classes towards that major but just hasn’t declared yet. He comes from a big family and enjoys that since he is always able to talk to something when something important comes up. We were able to relate in this area because I also come from a big family which is great because I always have someone there for me or someone to just hangout with when I’m bored.

One thing we really had in common was that we both are really into cars. we had an extensive conversation about cars and their mechanics and had very similar thoughts. His favorite type of cars are Chevrolets and mostly the older more classic ones that are very rare. My favorite car are Porches which is a commonality since we both like cars with speed and muscle. One thing that I found really interesting is that he is very involved in drag racing and has been to many drag racing events and explained to me all the details of the events, which made me want to go to one someday. His favorite type of music is Hip-Hop and most rap as long as it is not too main stream. He really enjoys to listen to politically attacking music because he likes to hear what others have to say about certain issues going on in the world. Jonathan is also a proud owner of a red nose pit bull  which is very dear to his heart since it has been in his family since he was an infant.

Jonathans main goal in life is to help others and make a difference in someones life by doing so. He believes that if we give back to the community sooner or later the community will give back to us as individuals. Jonathan believes that we all have a purpose in life and if we don’t act on it and make an impact on this earth then our lives are not meaningful. Jonathan is a very wise young man and it was good to have a conversation with him because I learned a lot about him as a person and his beliefs.

Wk9-Christine Hudson-Artist Interview

For this week the art piece I chose was by Christine Hudson, which was exhibited in the Merlino Galllery. This art piece caught my attention right away as soon as I walked into the gallery because of the fact that it was located on the floor and it consisted of what seemed to be hundreds of teeth. This piece was a little out of the ordinary since it isn’t an everyday thing to walk into a room with hundreds of teeth on the floor which I found a little weird. I didn’t walk in because I was sure if we could walk into the gallery because I was really scared to walk on the ceramic teeth that were placed on the floor and to have precaution i just decided to look from outside the gallery. This piece was mind bobbling for me because I had no idea what the art project meant or what it represented so I knew I had to do my research on it.

After asking questions and doing my research I found out that the art piece was inspired by one of her friends that had committed suicide. She was in the middle of an art project that required her to make ceramic teeth when she heard the news, which took a great toll on her. As a stress reliever she decided to keep making ceramic teeth to try to cope with her friends death and from there she decided to turn it into an art piece. When I heard this story it really touched me and moved me because it made me realize that we need to cherish the people that we love because one moment they can be here and the next they can be gone. This piece was very inspiring and I love art that has a meaning behind it because it makes it that more special.

This art piece didn’t have a variation of colors nor did it have any fancy details but it was an art piece that came from the heart. It was an art piece that has a story behind it and emotion behind it which makes it that much more of a special project. This has been one of my favorite projects of the year simply because of the inspiring story behind it and the artist motivation. The artist had a message she wanted to get out through her art and wanted to create something that people can remember her friend by, which is very moving. Christine is a very talented artist with a good heart and I can’t wait to see what other art projects see has in store.

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Wk8-Partner Interview-Albert Macias

For the partner interview I paired up with Albert Macias and found out very interesting facts about him. Albert is a local from Long Beach who graduated from Warren High School from the class of 2014 and was very active at his high school. He was part of his marching band in high school and was part of the leadership group that set up big events at school such as rallies and sports events. I was also able to find out that he is really musically talented and is able to play three instruments, which he learned as he grew up. Albert is a business major and has the hopes to someday get involved in the fashion business and has had this thought ever since he can remember.

His family has been involved in the fashion business in some sort of way for a long time. His mom started off in the fashion business when she came over to the United States at the age of 16 to make a living and ever since her children have followed her foot steps. His brother is also currently involved in the fashion industry and wants to keep the tradition going and also get into the fashion industry since it is his passion. One of his main goals as of now is that he is trying to create his own brand to sell his own clothing which will target people who struggle financially. he is planning on making clothing that is quality and affordable for everyone that way more people will be interested in his clothing.

Albert has many great ideas and is a very talented young man. I can see him being really successful in the fashion industry and I would definitely buy some of his clothing. I had a very interesting and fun conversation with Albert and was able to get to know him a little more as a person which was really cool. I wish him all the luck in reaching his goals and dreams and i wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with a big clothing line.

Wk8-Artist Interview-Christopher Wilden

The art piece I chose this week was from the “Then and Now” exhibit by Christopher Wilden and it was a portrait that demonstrated two hands in a prayer position with the words “Tap to Pray” at the top. What made me pick this art piece was the fact that as I was observing the piece I realized that in between the hands there was a phone, which really sparked my attention. The art piece was very simple and there wasn’t much to see but when I see art like this I know there has to be a greater meaning to it. I started to analyze the portrait and tried to interpret what the artists message was and had a hard time trying to think of something but then something moved me and I was able to interpret the portrait in a way that really touched me.

When people tend to pray they tend to focus on one thing and that is meditating on God and canceling out all distractions that can ruin their focus. What I interpreted from the phone being in the prayer hands was that now a day because of all the technology that is given to us, we don’t take the time to focus on one thing and enjoy the beauty of life. We are so distracted by all the technology put in front of us that we don’t take the time to appreciate everything going on around us and the things that are actually important. I feel like the artist was trying to communicate to us that we need to stop idolizing the materialistic things and pay more attention to the things that actually can effect us or the people that actually care for us. We are so consumed by technology that it has made us a very anti-social world compared to how it used to be. we need to start checking ourselves and our values and what we spend most of our time doing because I know that personally I do spend a lot of my time on my tech devices.

This art piece opened my eyes and made me realize that i need to start making some changes in my life and re-establish my focus on the important things in life. The artist wasn’t around to ask him questions about his artwork which was really a bummer but even then I was able to get a lot out of his work. This was probably one of the most motivating and eye opening art pieces that I have come across in the year and has really changed my view on certain things. I have made it a personal goal to try my best to stay away from all the technology distractions and focus more of my attention on things such as my social skills and meditating and reflecting on my life. I know it won’t be a easy task but I know that it is achievable and in the end it will benefit me.


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For my new website my goal is to inspire people to explore the world. My website doesn’t target a specific audience because I believe that everyone needs to venture out and explore the beauties of this planet. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot to places like Florida, Arizona, New Jersey and most recently New York, and my traveling experiences have really changed my life. I realized how much this world has to offer and that I don’t have to limit myself to California when it comes to searching for jobs or when I start planning on were to establish my life for good. My goal is to make my audience realize that there are so much opportunities out there and our calling may be in other places and we need to take chances and leave our comfort zones if we plan on being successful. To make my goal possible I am planning on posting pictures of beautiful places all around the world to motivate people to travel and go out an explore.



For my painting experience I didn’t have time to go out and get the full experience and right my name out on the Venice Beach walls but I did take the time to create my bubble letters on paper. I had a great time expanding the artistic side of me even though I realized I don’t have that much artistic talent. I really enjoyed this activity and hope that everyone else did because it help me get out of my comfort zone and actually try to be artistic.

Wk7-Artist Interview-Kenita Hale

The art piece I chose for this week was by Kenita Hale named “After party”, which caught my attention because of its dark atmosphere and feeling it gives off. The art piece consisted of drapes which enclosed the darkness and inside the drapes there were candles which light up stone faces which seemed to be made out of concrete material. The darkness of the room that the art pieces were in and the lit up candles gave of this evil and dark vibe which I am amusing was Kenitas intentions. This art piece had many tombstone like things set up around candles which allowed us to see the faces on the tombstones and really brought out the details of the artwork. As I was observing and really trying to interpret the art work i had many ideas of what the art could represent and the name is what really helped me interpret the piece the best I could.

I felt like the piece represented the after life and gave me a realization that there is an ending to this life. The tombstone looking art pieces gave made me believe that the artist was trying to interpret death and the darkness that enclosed the room also gave me a sense of darkness and sadness. But the lit candles to me meant hope and gave me a sense of hope that we actually do have a meaning on this earth we just have to take advantage of all opportunities. When I asked the artist what was the real meaning behind the her art work I wasn’t to far off.  She pretty much told me that her art work is meant for us to interpret it however we wanted to because it touches everyone in a different way. As long as it makes a difference and gives me a better understanding of life, that was the goal of her art work.

This piece of art was really inspiring to me because of the fact that it made me realize many things. It made me realize that life is really short and we need to make the most out of it while we are here on earth. We all interpret art in our own different ways but whats most important is that it makes a difference in peoples lives. This has been one of my favorite art pieces so far because it has really touched me and made me realize a lot about myself.


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Wk7-Partner Interview-Troy Tintiangco

For this weeks partner interview I paired up with Troy Tintiangco and had a very interesting conversation that helped us learn a lot about one another. Troy is from San Diego and decided to attend Cal Sate Long Beach because of the fact that he loves the beach and Long Beach is a beach town. He doesn’t come from a big family, he has one brother and one sister which he is really close to and enjoys hanging out with. This is his second year at Cal State Long Beach and just like me he is a film major. He is planning on being a film editor while on the other hand I am planning on being a film producer, which in the future can be useful if I ever need a editor when making a film or he can give me a call if he needs a producer.

Aside from all the basic information I was able to find out about Troy I was also able to really get to know him as a person. One of Troys favorite hobbies is skateboarding and he told me it was a hobby he took up since he was really small. Skateboarding has been a big part of his life and is a sport he doesn’t plan on letting go for the rest of his life because it brings peace of mind and stress relief for him. One of Troys biggest projects that he is working on at the moment is creating a skate clothing brand since he is really into graphic design. He views creating designs as a hobby but he wouldn’t mind creating it into a career if he is able to take it that far. Another thing he likes to do on his free time is listen to music and he claims to be very picky about his music, Troy is a big fan of Hip-Hop but he dislikes most main stream artists and tends to look for artist that are more underground but still create great music. His favorite artist is called Sol who is a Hip-Hop artist from Washington which is not very well-known in the main stream world but is highly respected in the underground world.

I asked Troy what was his favorite type of food and he answered with a very respectable answer saying that since is a college student he can’t be picky with his food. If he had to pick something to be his favorite food it would be pizza because it has been something he has loved to eat since he was a kid. Since we are both film majors I had to ask him what his favorite film of all time was and he said “Forrest Gump” which is a preference I couldn’t argue with since that is a great movie. I am really into horror films and hope to one day produce a great horror film so I said that my favorite horror film was “The Omen”. He was able to agree that it was a great film so we had very similar taste in all-time great movies. Other things we had in common is that we love hanging out with our friends and love going to the beach and it was really cool to know someone he values the same things. Troy seems to be a guy with a bright future and I can see him doing great things in the future.


Wk6-Drawing Activity-French Girls


This was the sketch someone did for my selfie. I posted a lot of selfies but I didn’t get any really good sketches at all. This is just one of the few sketches I got back from my selfies.


This is the sketch I did from someone else’s selfie and as you can tell I am a horrible drawer. I tried my best at drawing something to the best of my ability but I failed. I had a great experience going through all the art sketches because some of them are really good. It was really cool to see how people actually take them time to sketch your selfies but it is also really cool to be able to sketch other people selfies. Its a fun app to be able to just joke around explore your artistic talents and I plan on using this app in the future.