Wk5-Counterfactual Identity-Preppy Nerd

For this activity I decided to take up the identity as a preppy nerd to see how people would react to me. I hung out around campus and tried to make interactions with a couple people but most people were in a hurry to go to class or just looked at me kind of weird. I was finally able to get a conversation with a girl named Alayna and asked her the required questions. I am really film major and most people can tell that by the usual laid back style I dress in but when I changed the way I dressed the girl believed my name was Chris and that I was either a business or engineering major. I believe it was because I had glasses on and a collard shirt which can depict a business man because of the collard shirt and the glasses made me look smart which can lead to the conclusion of an engineer. I realized that she talked to me a little formally and tried to make a lot of school references which I felt was because it made her felt comfortable talking to me because of her assumptions. This was a really cool experiment because it was really eye opening to see how people respond to you just simply by the way you dress. I also realized and felt that people would pay more attention and listened to what I said because I looked smart. I really enjoyed this project and would like to do it again as a different personality to see how people react to me then.

photo.JPG 6


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