Wk5-Partner Interview-Bowas Yang

For this weeks partner interview I paired up with Bowas Yang and had a pretty short but sweet conversation. Bowas is a freshmen at Long Beach State and said he decided to attend because it was very convenient for him since he is from Fullerton. I asked him why he didn’t attend Cal State Fullerton and he said it was too close to home but Long beach was far enough were he felt he could have independence and freedom from his parents. Bowas comes from a big family of five which is something we had in common because I also come from a family of five. One thing we didn’t have in common is that he is not a animal person and has not pets at home and on the other hand I am definitely a animal person and I have an american pit bull back at home. Bowas also said that he is not a highly active person and he loves to sleep which is another thing I can connect on him with because I also love my sleep but I am a very active person in my opinion which is why I value sleep so much.

One thing we had complete different taste in was our taste in music. Bowas is really into most rock genres but his favorite is heavy metal and my music taste is the complete opposite since I prefer to listen to mostly reggae and rap music. One thing I thought was really cool was that he told me he likes to play the guitar and knows how to play a couple other instruments. Looking back I wish that when I was growing up I had learned how to play an instrument but it is never too late to pick up a new hobby. Now that I know he has a great amount of experience playing instruments then maybe if he has time I could ask him if he could teach me how to play an instrument.

I was also able to find out that he is also a film major and had a very similar taste in films. Bowas is focusing more on the directing and editing part of film while I am focusing more on the producing aspect of films which is really cool because at least now I know someone who I could possibly work with when trying to start a film. Bowas and I are both really into horror films and were able to agree that we prefer horror movies that are based on true stories but even then if the movie has a good story line and it is not based on a true story it can still catch our attention. While talking with him I asked him which was his favorite classic film and he said Pulp Fiction which I also had on my list of one of my favorite classic movies but my favorite is The Omen. I realized that even though Bowas wasn’t much of a talker we had a lot in common and could really connect in many areas. That is why I believe we should never judge others by their appearance because they can be very similar to us.


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