Wk5-Artist interview-Mike Lewis

The art piece I chose for this week was by Mike Lewis named “The Photograph”, which I chose because of how unique and powerful the picture seemed to me. What really caught my attention about this piece was the fact that there was a women doing handy work on what i first thought was a ship but after talking to Mike and reading the description of the photo I wasn’t to fear off but I wasn’t right either. Photo shows a women wearing denim overalls and is really working on a bomber which was most likely used during the second World War since the picture was taken in 1942. The thing that was most surprising to me was the fact that women were actually allowed to do handy work especially on a bomber that was potentially used during one of the biggest wars in history. I never thought, especially during this period of time, that women were actually allowed to do work that was considered back then solely for men which has now completely changed my way of thinking when it comes to women and their contributions when the United States was struggling.

I was very narrowed minded when it came to the history about women and their contributions to society especially during the world war era. I was always taught as far as I can remember that women did not have much say in the early 20th century which is why it came to me as a big shocker to see a women working on a fighter plane. This was a very inspiring piece in my opinion because it was very eye opening to see how I have been blinded and how much history was kept from me not knowing how much women actually did for this country. In my opinion women did as much work as men if they were involved in world wars the only difference is that women have not been given as much credit as they deserve for all their hard work. Seeing it from a women’s point of view now I can see why women were so frustrated of how poorly they were treated and how little respect their were given because they knew the hard work they put in and all they wanted was to be acknowledge for it.

When talking to Mike we had very similar thoughts on this art piece on how cool it was to see and expose the important role women had in the early 20th century. Being that he was the artist he had some background knowledge on the role women had but he was also as shocked as I was when he first found out how much they actually did. Mike had a lot of other really cool art pieces but in my opinion this was the most significant piece to me because of how much the piece reveals about our history. This piece really changed my view on women and made me respect them a lot more than I already do and I hope this piece of art not only touched me but everyone else who really took the time to acknowledge  it.

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