Wk4-Partner Interview-Alonso Urita

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Alonso Urita and had a great in depth conversation. Alonso is from South Gate, which is not too far from Long Beach so even though he is a freshmen he is still familiar with the area. One thing we had in common right off the bat is the we both had pretty big families, he comes from a family of 7 and I come from a family of 8. Being that we both come from hispanic families it is very common that our families are really big since having a lot of kids is a commonality in the hispanic culture. Another similarity was that we were both athletes in high school and had great success but we played different sports. Alonso did track and was on the boys volleyball team, in which he had many individual achievements, and I played football and wrestled and had many achievements myself that i am very proud of.

Being that Alonso is a freshmen he is still unsure of what he wants to major in so we were able to relate in that area because of the fact that when I came in as a freshmen I was also very unsure of what career I wanted to pursue. I was able to give him a little bit of advice being that I have one year of experience and I simply told him that when trying to make a decision on a major he has search his heart and really think about what he likes to do as a person and everything will fall in its place. Alonso is thinking about being a mechanical engineer but is not very sure if it will be something he will really enjoy doing and is only drawn to the major because of the money. In our conversation it came up that we are both animal lovers especially when it comes to dogs. Alonso has four dogs back home which he cares for very much and I also had a dog back home that is dear to my heart. Only those who have had dogs for a long time really understand how much they can mean to the owner and its family and since we both have had dogs our whole lives we were able to understand and connect on that topic.

One thing we didn’t have in common and had a friendly dispute about was our favorite baseball teams. I am from northern California so my favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants ands being that Alonso is from southern California he is a Dodgers fan and these two teams make up the biggest rivalry in baseball. We argued a little over who was the better team but in the end we respected the opinions of our teams and we were able to let go of our pride and compliment each others teams. Another thing I learned about Alonso was that when it comes to food he is not really into flashy expensive food so his favorite thing to eat is pizza. On the other hand I am very picky about my food and would rather have expensive flashy food rather than eating cheap fast food but everyone has their preferences. One thing that was really cool was that our music preferences was almost exactly the same since we are both big fans of Rap and Hip-Hop and we were able to have a in depth conversation about music. It was a very interesting conversation it was a really cool to get to know Alonso a little more on a personal level.



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