Wk4-Artist Interview-Helena Bae & Oscar Mendoza

The piece of art I chose for this week was made by two artist, Helena Bae and Oscar Mendoza, who collaborated together to create many interesting art pieces such as the one I chose named “Collab 3”. The thing that caught my attention about this piece of art was how vivid the colors were and the different shapes in the art piece. When I tried to analyze the art piece the first thing that came to mind was life and diversity. I interpreted the vivid colors as representing life and happiness in a crazy world since all the colors are in streaks in different shapes. Even though there are vivid colors in the painting there are also dark colors such as black and brown which I interpreted as the evilness and darkness there can be in a world of chaos and how it has a great affect in our lives. The mixture of the colors to me represented diversity and how even though we are all different we come together to create this world that we live on.

When talking to the artists about their art I found out my interpretations were not too far off but not exact. They told me that most of their art pieces represented risk taking and not being afraid to take risks because that is what life is all about. They explained to me that when it comes to painting you have to take risks and just let your mind go and paint what you feel no matter what others think. Most people don’t meet their full potential because they are afraid to take risks and fail and Helena explained to me that as an artist fear can’t be a factor when trying to be creative because it will kill your imagination. When I heard this it really spoke to me and I felt more in touch with the art piece and decided it was my favorite of the gallery. As a human being we all have our doubts and fears that hold us back from taking risks and when I saw this art piece and heard the inspiration behind it, it motivated me shut my fears up and take risks that could end up benefiting me.

The thing that really shocked me about this art piece and all the other art pieces that were in the gallery made by Helena and Oscar is the fact that as artist with two different art styles they worked together to create beautiful art. Creating a great art piece as in artist is already a difficult task but these two artist decided to take on the challenge and combine their different styles and talent to create great art pieces. Its impressive to see how with time and cooperation working with someone else with great talent, even though styles are different, can lead to great art and really speak to certain people such as myself. I really enjoyed this weeks gallery and appreciated not only this art piece by Helena and Oscar but all of the other great art they had displayed that they put handwork into. Art is an important part of this world in my opinion that is why I have such respect for artist like Helena and Oscar that put their all into their art and try to reach out to viewers through their artistic talents.


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