Wk3-Artist Interview-Tricia E. Rangel

The piece of art I chose this week was by Tricia E. Rangel called “A New Foundation” and I chose this piece because of the personal and deep meaning behind the art piece. The art piece consisted of many blocks of hardened dirt built and constructed and various shapes. When I walked into the art gallery I couldn’t really figure out the meaning or what the artist was trying to express because of the fact that they were simply blocks of dirt. I began to really dig deep into figuring out what was the meaning behind this piece art and the only thing that came to mind was that the dirt represented a strong personal foundation since the dirt blocks were solid and strong. Because of the simplicity of the art piece I knew there had to be a deeper and greater meaning behind the piece that the artist wanted to express.

After reading the information on the piece I found out many interesting things about the art piece and the effort the artist put into putting this piece together. The artist gathered samples of dirt from the San Joaquin Valley, from orchards, the side of the road, her grandfathers ranch, her parents back yard and Smith Mountain Cemetery to make the dirt blocks. Through a long and extensive process she was able to combine and mix all the samples of dirt together to create each block of dirt in various shapes to give it is distinctive and unique look. This piece really caught my attention because I wanted to know what the dirt brick represented since I had absolutely no clue what it could possibly mean. After reading more and more about the piece it all made sense and really got to understand how the artist was trying to speak through his art project.

The art piece symbolized failure, strength, vulnerability and weakness which made me think about the importance and the creativeness of this project. When thinking profoundly about how each of these characteristics can be found in this art piece I was able to determine my interpretation of how each is represented in my opinion. I believe that the failure characteristic comes from the effort the artist put into making the piece and how many times she tried over and over again but failed. The strength comes from not giving up after failing over and over again and being able to get the project done and feeling that sense of accomplishment. The vulnerability and weakness comes from the fact that they are brittle pieces of brick dirt that can easily be broken down into pieces. This was a really interesting piece and really enjoyed it even though it was really hard for me to

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