Wk3-Partner Interview-Oscar Ramirez

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Oscar Ramirez and and had pretty long but interesting conversation with many commonalities. Oscar was born and raised in Santa Barbara meaning that he was new to Long Beach and the area just like I was when I moved down from Santa Cruz. Oscar is a junior meaning that he has a little more experience and knowledge about the school system and the Long Beach area since i am just a sophomore. He is an electrical engineer which was really impressive to hear since that is a really tough major and especially since I am a film major and I hate math. We both realized after talking for a while that this was our first art class being at Cal State Long Beach and we both agreed it was a very enjoyable class.

Aside from all the basic knowledge I was able to find out about Oscar I also was able to dig deep into his interest and really connect with him since we had many things in common. One thing that we really had in common was the love we had for football as a sport. Even though he was a Cowboys fan and I was a 49ers fan, which are the two biggest rivals in the NFL, we were still able to talk football knowledge and really agree on certain football controversies. We both were also really big soccer fans and shared the same interest in favorite soccer teams which are Barcelona and Mexico as our international team. It wasn’t to figure out what was our favorite food since we were both Mexican we had to acknowledge the fact that Mexican is the best food in our opinions. On the other hand we were both big fans of italian food and we both love sushi which was a weird thing to see how we had similar taste buds.

The only thing we didn’t have in common, which was fine, was our taste in music. Oscars favorite type of music was classical music which is not my favorite at all but I do find a great appreciation for it. My favorite types of music are reggae, rap and EDM which he also wasn’t very interested in but it was really cool how we both respected our preferences and had great appreciation for music in general. When talking to Oscar I was also able to find out that he grew up in a household with all women since all his siblings are girls and has two dogs and two cats which he really cares for. It was really cool to get to know Oscar and rely enjoyed the conversation we had together. Its cool to see how much you have in common with a person when you actually take a little piece of your time out of the day to get to know them. photo-3


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