Wk2-GLAMFA Artist-Pilar Gallegos

The piece of art I chose was by Pilar Gallegos called “Calarts” and I chose it because of the curiosity it stirred in me when I first saw the piece of art and I was really interested in trying to understand the artist inspiration while the piece was created. The piece shows a picture of James Franco with his head cut off and the piece seemed to speak to me even though it had no actual writing on it. When trying to analyze the art piece I believed that the message the artist was trying to give off was that as humans there are events that happen that stress us out and we feel like we are losing our heads which is symbolized by the cut off head. It was really hard for me to try and figure out the meaning of this piece of art because of how simple yet interesting the piece comes off to be. I feel like the art that seems to be the most simple is really the most interesting because of the deeper meaning and thought that you have to put into it to understand it.

When reading the statement Gallego had about the art piece it was completely different from what I had in mind. The artists purpose when making this piece was the concern and interest in masculinities. The inspiration behind this art piece was the great interest the artist has in trying to figure out how masculinity is measured and how it is consumed by males. After reading the artist statement about the piece I was able to analyze and really understand the message through the art. We see a picture of James Franco in a white t-shirt showing off his muscles which makes sense and correlates with masculinity because  that is what most people consider and think of when masculinity is talked about. I believe that masculinity depends on the views of the person and how they interprets what masculinity is.

Reading the statement and understanding the purpose the artist had behind the art really inspired me and made think about my thoughts on masculinity and my beliefs. Growing up we usually depict masculinity as being tough, rough and strong and having no feelings but as I have grown up i have started to realize that masculinity isn’t all about that. masculinity to me is being responsible and taking care of what you have earned and caring for people for who they are. Gay people are an example of people that have been looked down on because of what they stand for and are not considered “masculine” which is a very bad way of viewing things. As long as someone has their priorities straight and sticks to what they believe in that is what makes you masculine. I really enjoyed this piece of art because it changed the way I viewed things and really made me think deeply.

Greater Los Angeles Master of Fine Arts Exhibition – WPcom Tag: glamfa


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