Wk2-Partner Interview-Yesenia Chavez

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Yesenia Chavez and had a very interesting conversation with her and surprisingly we were able to find a couple things in common. Yesenia is from Downey which is not very far from Long Beach at all making her very familiar with the area. She attended Warren High School in Downey and she is a freshmen this year and hasn’t declared a major at the moment, which is something we had in common since I was undeclared when I was a freshmen. What we also found in common was that she is interested in being a film major which is the major I recently declared which was really weird how she seemed to be going in the same direction that I was going in as a freshmen. She communicated to me that she only had one older sister that she really gets along with while on the other hand i have four older siblings but I also get along very well with my sisters. 

Aside from all the basic knowledge I found out about her, as the conversation progressed I got to know her interests and hobbies she likes to do when she has free time. I found out her favorite type of music is Hip Hop and Rock in which we had a little friendly heated conversation about her liking Rock because I respectfully expressed my dislike for Rock music. One thing we really had in common is that we both enjoyed watching scary movies but she couldn’t decide what was her favorite horror movie. Two sports she enjoys watching and playing are baseball and basketball but doesn’t really have a favorite team she just likes the competitive nature of the sport. We both played both sports when we where younger but stopped playing them as we got older for no apparent reason but we both wished we would of kept playing.

I also found out that we are both animal lovers especially when it comes to dogs. We both have family dogs, she has two Chihuahuas and I have to american bulldogs. She also told me that she loves all types of foods but if she had to pick one type in particular she would pick Chinese food as her favorite. Aside from Chinese food one specific thing she loves eating is sushi which is something we both had in common because I love sushi. I enjoyed the conversation I had with Yesenia and found out many things that we have in common that I might of not known if we didn’t have to do an activity like this. 



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