Participating in the Instagram activity was a very interesting and enjoyable assignment since I was able to get a small insight of what the peers in my classroom are into and the things they do throughout their days. I realized that there are many commonalities within our classroom when going through the Instagram posts which was really cool to see since we don’t get to talk to every one in class since its such a big class, but through a picture we get to know a little bit about each person. There are also many differences in the activities we like to partake in in our daily lives but when you look closely and try to look into the deeper meaning behind each photo you realize we are all connected in a particular way. Its not always about the visual aspect of a picture but really behind the meaning behind each picture and its purpose.

When viewing all the Instagram posts I realized that we share something in common as a class and that is that we all post about things that make us happy. Whether it is playing a certain sport, drinking coffee or hanging out with friends, we all like to have fun but we find that happiness in different areas that meet our needs. It is cool to see how we all have needs to keep us happy and find enjoyment in various things and everything is based on our personality. what i found really interesting when going through all the posts is that most posts involved being with friends and having people around them that made them happy which to me my social life is one of the most important aspects in my life. I feel like we need people around us to keep us happy or help pick us back up when we are down and I realized that as a class we have that in common. 

Another thing I noticed about the posts where that we all seem to be happy with where we are at in life at the moment. Happiness is the key to life and if you are never happy life has no meaning in my opinion and its is very cool to see how most people in our class seem to be enjoying their lives at the moment. As a class I feel like we share a lot in common and I really enjoy doing these activities because it helps me notice how much we may have in common with another person without really realizing it by simply looking at someone. I feel like we are community that shares common interests with a lot of out going and interesting people and as the year progresses it would be really cool to get to know the majority of the people in class, which can be attainable with activities such as this one.photo-3photo-2photo


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