Wk5-Counterfactual Identity-Preppy Nerd

For this activity I decided to take up the identity as a preppy nerd to see how people would react to me. I hung out around campus and tried to make interactions with a couple people but most people were in a hurry to go to class or just looked at me kind of weird. I was finally able to get a conversation with a girl named Alayna and asked her the required questions. I am really film major and most people can tell that by the usual laid back style I dress in but when I changed the way I dressed the girl believed my name was Chris and that I was either a business or engineering major. I believe it was because I had glasses on and a collard shirt which can depict a business man because of the collard shirt and the glasses made me look smart which can lead to the conclusion of an engineer. I realized that she talked to me a little formally and tried to make a lot of school references which I felt was because it made her felt comfortable talking to me because of her assumptions. This was a really cool experiment because it was really eye opening to see how people respond to you just simply by the way you dress. I also realized and felt that people would pay more attention and listened to what I said because I looked smart. I really enjoyed this project and would like to do it again as a different personality to see how people react to me then.

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Wk5-Artist interview-Mike Lewis

The art piece I chose for this week was by Mike Lewis named “The Photograph”, which I chose because of how unique and powerful the picture seemed to me. What really caught my attention about this piece was the fact that there was a women doing handy work on what i first thought was a ship but after talking to Mike and reading the description of the photo I wasn’t to fear off but I wasn’t right either. Photo shows a women wearing denim overalls and is really working on a bomber which was most likely used during the second World War since the picture was taken in 1942. The thing that was most surprising to me was the fact that women were actually allowed to do handy work especially on a bomber that was potentially used during one of the biggest wars in history. I never thought, especially during this period of time, that women were actually allowed to do work that was considered back then solely for men which has now completely changed my way of thinking when it comes to women and their contributions when the United States was struggling.

I was very narrowed minded when it came to the history about women and their contributions to society especially during the world war era. I was always taught as far as I can remember that women did not have much say in the early 20th century which is why it came to me as a big shocker to see a women working on a fighter plane. This was a very inspiring piece in my opinion because it was very eye opening to see how I have been blinded and how much history was kept from me not knowing how much women actually did for this country. In my opinion women did as much work as men if they were involved in world wars the only difference is that women have not been given as much credit as they deserve for all their hard work. Seeing it from a women’s point of view now I can see why women were so frustrated of how poorly they were treated and how little respect their were given because they knew the hard work they put in and all they wanted was to be acknowledge for it.

When talking to Mike we had very similar thoughts on this art piece on how cool it was to see and expose the important role women had in the early 20th century. Being that he was the artist he had some background knowledge on the role women had but he was also as shocked as I was when he first found out how much they actually did. Mike had a lot of other really cool art pieces but in my opinion this was the most significant piece to me because of how much the piece reveals about our history. This piece really changed my view on women and made me respect them a lot more than I already do and I hope this piece of art not only touched me but everyone else who really took the time to acknowledge  it.

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Wk5-Partner Interview-Bowas Yang

For this weeks partner interview I paired up with Bowas Yang and had a pretty short but sweet conversation. Bowas is a freshmen at Long Beach State and said he decided to attend because it was very convenient for him since he is from Fullerton. I asked him why he didn’t attend Cal State Fullerton and he said it was too close to home but Long beach was far enough were he felt he could have independence and freedom from his parents. Bowas comes from a big family of five which is something we had in common because I also come from a family of five. One thing we didn’t have in common is that he is not a animal person and has not pets at home and on the other hand I am definitely a animal person and I have an american pit bull back at home. Bowas also said that he is not a highly active person and he loves to sleep which is another thing I can connect on him with because I also love my sleep but I am a very active person in my opinion which is why I value sleep so much.

One thing we had complete different taste in was our taste in music. Bowas is really into most rock genres but his favorite is heavy metal and my music taste is the complete opposite since I prefer to listen to mostly reggae and rap music. One thing I thought was really cool was that he told me he likes to play the guitar and knows how to play a couple other instruments. Looking back I wish that when I was growing up I had learned how to play an instrument but it is never too late to pick up a new hobby. Now that I know he has a great amount of experience playing instruments then maybe if he has time I could ask him if he could teach me how to play an instrument.

I was also able to find out that he is also a film major and had a very similar taste in films. Bowas is focusing more on the directing and editing part of film while I am focusing more on the producing aspect of films which is really cool because at least now I know someone who I could possibly work with when trying to start a film. Bowas and I are both really into horror films and were able to agree that we prefer horror movies that are based on true stories but even then if the movie has a good story line and it is not based on a true story it can still catch our attention. While talking with him I asked him which was his favorite classic film and he said Pulp Fiction which I also had on my list of one of my favorite classic movies but my favorite is The Omen. I realized that even though Bowas wasn’t much of a talker we had a lot in common and could really connect in many areas. That is why I believe we should never judge others by their appearance because they can be very similar to us.

Wk4-Artist Interview-Helena Bae & Oscar Mendoza

The piece of art I chose for this week was made by two artist, Helena Bae and Oscar Mendoza, who collaborated together to create many interesting art pieces such as the one I chose named “Collab 3”. The thing that caught my attention about this piece of art was how vivid the colors were and the different shapes in the art piece. When I tried to analyze the art piece the first thing that came to mind was life and diversity. I interpreted the vivid colors as representing life and happiness in a crazy world since all the colors are in streaks in different shapes. Even though there are vivid colors in the painting there are also dark colors such as black and brown which I interpreted as the evilness and darkness there can be in a world of chaos and how it has a great affect in our lives. The mixture of the colors to me represented diversity and how even though we are all different we come together to create this world that we live on.

When talking to the artists about their art I found out my interpretations were not too far off but not exact. They told me that most of their art pieces represented risk taking and not being afraid to take risks because that is what life is all about. They explained to me that when it comes to painting you have to take risks and just let your mind go and paint what you feel no matter what others think. Most people don’t meet their full potential because they are afraid to take risks and fail and Helena explained to me that as an artist fear can’t be a factor when trying to be creative because it will kill your imagination. When I heard this it really spoke to me and I felt more in touch with the art piece and decided it was my favorite of the gallery. As a human being we all have our doubts and fears that hold us back from taking risks and when I saw this art piece and heard the inspiration behind it, it motivated me shut my fears up and take risks that could end up benefiting me.

The thing that really shocked me about this art piece and all the other art pieces that were in the gallery made by Helena and Oscar is the fact that as artist with two different art styles they worked together to create beautiful art. Creating a great art piece as in artist is already a difficult task but these two artist decided to take on the challenge and combine their different styles and talent to create great art pieces. Its impressive to see how with time and cooperation working with someone else with great talent, even though styles are different, can lead to great art and really speak to certain people such as myself. I really enjoyed this weeks gallery and appreciated not only this art piece by Helena and Oscar but all of the other great art they had displayed that they put handwork into. Art is an important part of this world in my opinion that is why I have such respect for artist like Helena and Oscar that put their all into their art and try to reach out to viewers through their artistic talents.


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Wk4-Partner Interview-Alonso Urita

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Alonso Urita and had a great in depth conversation. Alonso is from South Gate, which is not too far from Long Beach so even though he is a freshmen he is still familiar with the area. One thing we had in common right off the bat is the we both had pretty big families, he comes from a family of 7 and I come from a family of 8. Being that we both come from hispanic families it is very common that our families are really big since having a lot of kids is a commonality in the hispanic culture. Another similarity was that we were both athletes in high school and had great success but we played different sports. Alonso did track and was on the boys volleyball team, in which he had many individual achievements, and I played football and wrestled and had many achievements myself that i am very proud of.

Being that Alonso is a freshmen he is still unsure of what he wants to major in so we were able to relate in that area because of the fact that when I came in as a freshmen I was also very unsure of what career I wanted to pursue. I was able to give him a little bit of advice being that I have one year of experience and I simply told him that when trying to make a decision on a major he has search his heart and really think about what he likes to do as a person and everything will fall in its place. Alonso is thinking about being a mechanical engineer but is not very sure if it will be something he will really enjoy doing and is only drawn to the major because of the money. In our conversation it came up that we are both animal lovers especially when it comes to dogs. Alonso has four dogs back home which he cares for very much and I also had a dog back home that is dear to my heart. Only those who have had dogs for a long time really understand how much they can mean to the owner and its family and since we both have had dogs our whole lives we were able to understand and connect on that topic.

One thing we didn’t have in common and had a friendly dispute about was our favorite baseball teams. I am from northern California so my favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants ands being that Alonso is from southern California he is a Dodgers fan and these two teams make up the biggest rivalry in baseball. We argued a little over who was the better team but in the end we respected the opinions of our teams and we were able to let go of our pride and compliment each others teams. Another thing I learned about Alonso was that when it comes to food he is not really into flashy expensive food so his favorite thing to eat is pizza. On the other hand I am very picky about my food and would rather have expensive flashy food rather than eating cheap fast food but everyone has their preferences. One thing that was really cool was that our music preferences was almost exactly the same since we are both big fans of Rap and Hip-Hop and we were able to have a in depth conversation about music. It was a very interesting conversation it was a really cool to get to know Alonso a little more on a personal level.


Wk3-Kickstarter Project

This idea of creating sunglasses out of hemp was a very appealing idea to me first of all because I love sunglasses in general. The idea and look of these glasses is very modern and up to date meaning that many young people would buy them and I feel like this would be a very successful project.

This is my kickstarter video

Wk3-Artist Interview-Tricia E. Rangel

The piece of art I chose this week was by Tricia E. Rangel called “A New Foundation” and I chose this piece because of the personal and deep meaning behind the art piece. The art piece consisted of many blocks of hardened dirt built and constructed and various shapes. When I walked into the art gallery I couldn’t really figure out the meaning or what the artist was trying to express because of the fact that they were simply blocks of dirt. I began to really dig deep into figuring out what was the meaning behind this piece art and the only thing that came to mind was that the dirt represented a strong personal foundation since the dirt blocks were solid and strong. Because of the simplicity of the art piece I knew there had to be a deeper and greater meaning behind the piece that the artist wanted to express.

After reading the information on the piece I found out many interesting things about the art piece and the effort the artist put into putting this piece together. The artist gathered samples of dirt from the San Joaquin Valley, from orchards, the side of the road, her grandfathers ranch, her parents back yard and Smith Mountain Cemetery to make the dirt blocks. Through a long and extensive process she was able to combine and mix all the samples of dirt together to create each block of dirt in various shapes to give it is distinctive and unique look. This piece really caught my attention because I wanted to know what the dirt brick represented since I had absolutely no clue what it could possibly mean. After reading more and more about the piece it all made sense and really got to understand how the artist was trying to speak through his art project.

The art piece symbolized failure, strength, vulnerability and weakness which made me think about the importance and the creativeness of this project. When thinking profoundly about how each of these characteristics can be found in this art piece I was able to determine my interpretation of how each is represented in my opinion. I believe that the failure characteristic comes from the effort the artist put into making the piece and how many times she tried over and over again but failed. The strength comes from not giving up after failing over and over again and being able to get the project done and feeling that sense of accomplishment. The vulnerability and weakness comes from the fact that they are brittle pieces of brick dirt that can easily be broken down into pieces. This was a really interesting piece and really enjoyed it even though it was really hard for me to

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Wk3-Partner Interview-Oscar Ramirez

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Oscar Ramirez and and had pretty long but interesting conversation with many commonalities. Oscar was born and raised in Santa Barbara meaning that he was new to Long Beach and the area just like I was when I moved down from Santa Cruz. Oscar is a junior meaning that he has a little more experience and knowledge about the school system and the Long Beach area since i am just a sophomore. He is an electrical engineer which was really impressive to hear since that is a really tough major and especially since I am a film major and I hate math. We both realized after talking for a while that this was our first art class being at Cal State Long Beach and we both agreed it was a very enjoyable class.

Aside from all the basic knowledge I was able to find out about Oscar I also was able to dig deep into his interest and really connect with him since we had many things in common. One thing that we really had in common was the love we had for football as a sport. Even though he was a Cowboys fan and I was a 49ers fan, which are the two biggest rivals in the NFL, we were still able to talk football knowledge and really agree on certain football controversies. We both were also really big soccer fans and shared the same interest in favorite soccer teams which are Barcelona and Mexico as our international team. It wasn’t to figure out what was our favorite food since we were both Mexican we had to acknowledge the fact that Mexican is the best food in our opinions. On the other hand we were both big fans of italian food and we both love sushi which was a weird thing to see how we had similar taste buds.

The only thing we didn’t have in common, which was fine, was our taste in music. Oscars favorite type of music was classical music which is not my favorite at all but I do find a great appreciation for it. My favorite types of music are reggae, rap and EDM which he also wasn’t very interested in but it was really cool how we both respected our preferences and had great appreciation for music in general. When talking to Oscar I was also able to find out that he grew up in a household with all women since all his siblings are girls and has two dogs and two cats which he really cares for. It was really cool to get to know Oscar and rely enjoyed the conversation we had together. Its cool to see how much you have in common with a person when you actually take a little piece of your time out of the day to get to know them. photo-3

Wk2-GLAMFA Artist-Pilar Gallegos

The piece of art I chose was by Pilar Gallegos called “Calarts” and I chose it because of the curiosity it stirred in me when I first saw the piece of art and I was really interested in trying to understand the artist inspiration while the piece was created. The piece shows a picture of James Franco with his head cut off and the piece seemed to speak to me even though it had no actual writing on it. When trying to analyze the art piece I believed that the message the artist was trying to give off was that as humans there are events that happen that stress us out and we feel like we are losing our heads which is symbolized by the cut off head. It was really hard for me to try and figure out the meaning of this piece of art because of how simple yet interesting the piece comes off to be. I feel like the art that seems to be the most simple is really the most interesting because of the deeper meaning and thought that you have to put into it to understand it.

When reading the statement Gallego had about the art piece it was completely different from what I had in mind. The artists purpose when making this piece was the concern and interest in masculinities. The inspiration behind this art piece was the great interest the artist has in trying to figure out how masculinity is measured and how it is consumed by males. After reading the artist statement about the piece I was able to analyze and really understand the message through the art. We see a picture of James Franco in a white t-shirt showing off his muscles which makes sense and correlates with masculinity because  that is what most people consider and think of when masculinity is talked about. I believe that masculinity depends on the views of the person and how they interprets what masculinity is.

Reading the statement and understanding the purpose the artist had behind the art really inspired me and made think about my thoughts on masculinity and my beliefs. Growing up we usually depict masculinity as being tough, rough and strong and having no feelings but as I have grown up i have started to realize that masculinity isn’t all about that. masculinity to me is being responsible and taking care of what you have earned and caring for people for who they are. Gay people are an example of people that have been looked down on because of what they stand for and are not considered “masculine” which is a very bad way of viewing things. As long as someone has their priorities straight and sticks to what they believe in that is what makes you masculine. I really enjoyed this piece of art because it changed the way I viewed things and really made me think deeply.

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Wk2-Partner Interview-Yesenia Chavez

For the partner interview this week I paired up with Yesenia Chavez and had a very interesting conversation with her and surprisingly we were able to find a couple things in common. Yesenia is from Downey which is not very far from Long Beach at all making her very familiar with the area. She attended Warren High School in Downey and she is a freshmen this year and hasn’t declared a major at the moment, which is something we had in common since I was undeclared when I was a freshmen. What we also found in common was that she is interested in being a film major which is the major I recently declared which was really weird how she seemed to be going in the same direction that I was going in as a freshmen. She communicated to me that she only had one older sister that she really gets along with while on the other hand i have four older siblings but I also get along very well with my sisters. 

Aside from all the basic knowledge I found out about her, as the conversation progressed I got to know her interests and hobbies she likes to do when she has free time. I found out her favorite type of music is Hip Hop and Rock in which we had a little friendly heated conversation about her liking Rock because I respectfully expressed my dislike for Rock music. One thing we really had in common is that we both enjoyed watching scary movies but she couldn’t decide what was her favorite horror movie. Two sports she enjoys watching and playing are baseball and basketball but doesn’t really have a favorite team she just likes the competitive nature of the sport. We both played both sports when we where younger but stopped playing them as we got older for no apparent reason but we both wished we would of kept playing.

I also found out that we are both animal lovers especially when it comes to dogs. We both have family dogs, she has two Chihuahuas and I have to american bulldogs. She also told me that she loves all types of foods but if she had to pick one type in particular she would pick Chinese food as her favorite. Aside from Chinese food one specific thing she loves eating is sushi which is something we both had in common because I love sushi. I enjoyed the conversation I had with Yesenia and found out many things that we have in common that I might of not known if we didn’t have to do an activity like this.