Wk1-GLAMFA Artist-April Bey

The piece of art I chose was by April Bey called “Who do you worship?” and I chose it because it seemed like it had a deeper meaning than the simplicity it appeared to give off. The piece is split into four sections showing pictures of celebrities and has the universal phrase “keep calm and …”. The phrase ends differently in each of the four sections depending on the picture that is in the section. In the first section there is a picture of the music icon Beyonce and the phrase says, “Keep calm and worship Beyonce” and to me this had a deep meaning because I felt like the artist was trying to communicate through this phrase that we spend so much time worshiping and looking up to other people when we should be focusing on how to better ourselves. When reading her statement on the art piece what she really was trying to communicate through her art was how in our day in age as human beings a way we all connect is through the people or things we idolize because it makes us feel like we have things in common. April did a good job by using Beyonce as an icon in her art work because she is one of the most influential people in the world especially to many women across the globe. There are many women all across the world that try to live up to and compare their lives and looks to Beyonce’s which allows women to come together with a commonality in trying to be like Beyonce.

In another section of the art work there is a picture of Miley Cyrus, another music icon, with the phrase “Keep calm and glorify trash”. In this section we see that April has a very blunt opinion about Miley Cyrus and what she brings to our current culture which can be a very controversial piece of art. our modern culture has been revolved around rebellion and being different and Miley Cyrus is a great example of both of things which to many can be seen as being trashy or not socially acceptable. This section is a great piece of art work because of the many opinions and discussions that could come out of this very simple work of art. Another phrase used was “Keep calm and show off your tits” which to me was very interesting because of the deeper meaning it actually has. For many years women were restricted from showing off their sexuality but in an advancing and better understanding culture women are able to feel free and do such things as show off their sexuality without being judged for it. I feel like April did a great job by using this phrase because it is so powerful because it shows the progress we have had in culture as a nation. 

The last section of the the art piece was very interesting and mind blowing when I saw the phrase “Keep calm we’re all evil”, which made me think very in depth. It made me realize that even though we believe that we are much different than others we all have certain characteristics that make us humans that are very alike. Even though we amy come from different backgrounds or ethnicity’s we can always find something to relate to and as human beings one thing we can relate to is haven a little evilness in us. One thing that really caught my attention about this work of art is that it seems to be a very feminist piece of work because i noticed that all the images were female icons with no male references. I found it very different and very cool how the artist was able to use her art work to show how power and influential women can be in our society. I really loved this piece and found it to be a very eye opening piece of work. 

Greater Los Angeles Master of Fine Arts Exhibition – WPcom Tag: glamfa



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