Wk 1-Classmate Interview-Kevin Lee

For the partner interview I paired up with Kevin Lee and had a very interesting conversation with surprisingly a lot of things in common. Kevin is a freshmen but is very familiar with the area and the school since he lived locally in Cerritos his whole life. Even though he has lived in Cerritos his whole life his parents were born and raised in China which is one thing we had in common since my dad was born and raised in Mexico. We both also had older brothers and were the youngest ones in our family which we both claimed to hate because of the fact that our older brothers would pick on us. At the moment Kevin is a business marketing major but is not sure if he wants to stick with this major, which is something we also had in common since I was a marketing major my freshmen year and switched to film. 

One of Kevin’s favorite things to do in his free time is play and watch basketball. He claims to not have a favorite basketball team but his favorite basketball player is Kevin Durant on the Oklahoma Thunder and respects every basketball player that proves to have great abilities. Kevin also spends a lot of his time on his computer or watching TV when he has time. His favorite movie as of right now is Kick Ass and his favorite show is Breaking Bad which is another we found in common because my favorite TV show is also Breaking Bad and spent a good while talking about past episodes. Kevin’s favorite type of food is anything italian but he specifically likes spaghetti but will eat anything if put in front of him. 

One thing he said he spends a lot of time into and always is doing is listening to music. Music to me is also very important and is something that I can not live without because of the fact that it is always around me and he felt the same way. We both enjoy the same genres in music which are R&B and Hip Hop and found a great commonality in artist which was really cool. Another thing that Kevin told me was that he had a dog which was very dear and her name was Cookie and she was a Chihuahua. Kevin and I had a great conversation and were able to find many things in common which was very cool since without this activity I probably wouldn’t be able to realize all this if I didn’t talk to him. photo-2


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