Wk15-Partner Interview-Jose Santillan

For my partner interview I decided to interview Jose Santillan and found out that we had a lot of things in common. Jose is from Bell and attended Bell High School meaning that he is very familiar with the Los Angeles area since he grew up in the area. Jose comes from a pretty big family and told me that family is everything to him and he really enjoys being part of his family. As of right now Jose is majoring in Psychology but he is thinking about changing his major to Science and possibly minoring in art illustration simply because it is a passion he has. He expressed to me that having a major and a minor creates a level of comfort for him because it creates options and opens doors for many job opportunities.

Aside from all the general information I washable to find out about Jose, I also was able to find out the things he likes to do for recreation on his free time. In high school Jose was very involved in sports as was part of the soccer, track and field, and cross country team which was something we had in common since I was involved in many sports such as football, wrestling and some track. By the way he talked about the sports he played I can tell that he had a great passion for the sports he participated in and is something he put a lot of time into. Jose told me that one of the things he enjoyed doing the most was simply just running because it was a sort of stress relief when he had a lot of things on his mind. Another we had in common is that we both enjoyed playing video games and listening to music as a way to get away from our busy lives and just enjoy life.

Jose is a very level minded person and I can see that he has a lot going for him in the future. He knows what he has to do to be successful and has a very well thought out plan on the things he can do to make sure he reaches his goals. It was very cool to get to know Jose on a deeper level and get to know what he is into. It is very cool to hear what people are into and be able to compare and contrast what we do and dont have in common.


Wk15-Artist Interview-Hyeri Kim

For my artist interview this week I chose an art piece by Hyeri Kim which was named “His extravagant proposal” and was made up of exhibits that showed artifacts that make up a wedding. Walking into this exhibit I felt very awkward at first because as a nineteen year old college student marriage is the last thing on my mind. After I stayed and observed the exhibit for a while I realized the importance and the message that the artist was trying to get across. I realized that even though I am very young and it is not something I should be thinking about right now, it is a very important topic that I must consider because eventually it will happen. Being that the artist was also young it made me feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of marriage because it made me realize that it is a normal thing to be thinking about from time to time.

Right now is the time that most people find their mates that they will spend the rest of their lives with which can be scary to think about but it is definitely something I need to be aware of. As of now I have a girlfriend who is very dear to my heart and is someone who makes me happy but it is not a definite thing that I will one day marry her. Since I’ve been in a relationship I realized that love is an important thing and that we all feel the need to be loved by somebody which is very important if you want to experience happiness in your lifetime. The love and respect I get from others is something I value very much because of the fact that they are taking the time out of their day to show that they care. This was a very eye opening exhibit for me and made me realize a lot of things about love and what it actually means to commit to someone.

The part of the exhibit that really caught my attention was the diamond ring because of the significant value it carries. One day when I am financially capable I plan on buying a very nice ring to show my future wife that she means a lot to me. I know that material things aren’t very important but if you can spoil someone that you love I don’t see why I shouldn’t. This was a very cool exhibit and it was very eye opening and made me the realize the things I will have to come across in life. being young we try to be blind yo thing and ignore things we aren’t ready for but it is good to step back and realize that things are coming our way wether we like it or not. Hyeri has a great talent with communicating her messages through her art and I can see her having a bright future ahead of her.

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Wk13-Classmate Interview-David Ngo

For this weeks classmate interview I decided to interview David Ngo and got to know him pretty well in a very short period amount of time. This is Davids first year at Cal State Long Beach and he expressed to me that he had a hard time deciding whether he wanted to attend Pomona or Long Beach but ended up choosing to attend Long Beach because of the beach. After attending Long Beach for a while he realized that he had made the right choice and is very happy to be where he is at. He is currently undeclared but he is taking classes to possibly major in mechanical engineering but he is still on the edge about his major. David is planning on making his decision next semester because he wanted to give it one semester to see if he actually wanted to be an engineer rather than changing it last minute. David comes from a very small family and wishes he had more siblings his age so he would have someone to hangout with at all times.

Not only did I get to know all the general information about him but I was also able to know what were his hobbies and things he enjoyed doing in his free time. David told me he had been involved in sports his whole life and since he came to Long Beach he has decided to join the rugby team. That is one thing we had in common because when I had first come to Long Beach I also wanted to join the rugby team since I had played football in high school and wanted to be involved in an aggressive sport. David also told me that he enjoys listening to all types of music but his favorite genre is electronic dance music and enjoys going to all the concerts and festivals. After talking for a while we realized we where at the same festival and have attend a lot of the same festivals.

It was really cool to talk to David and get to know another classmate and make a lot more friends. He is a very self motivated young man and I know he has a bright future ahead of him. No matter what major he decides to make his career I know he will make the best of it because he seems like a focused person. I enjoy these classmate interviews because of the fact that it takes me out my comfort zone to get to know other people and possibly network with some of them.

Wk13-Artist Interview-Jeff Dulla

For this week I picked an art piece by Jeff Dulla named “Cyclical Nature”, which was part of the BFA Drawing and Painting Show Exhibition and really caught by attention because of its really vibrant colors. The art piece consist of many dark shades of black and blue with a very big moon in the background that is made up of many shades of red and pink. Out of everything that makes up the painting, what really caught my attention was the moon in the background and how beautifully the all the colors are mixed together to create a bright and vibrant feel. Every artist has some type of inspiration behind their art work and when I was trying to analyze this art piece I realized that the colors had a lot to do with the message the artist was trying to get across to its viewers. The way the colors are put together and set up, stirred up many feelings in me and made me come up with my own interpretation of what this painting meant.

The message I interpreted from this painting was that the artist was trying to tell us that we may have hard times but there is a brother day to come. We can see how the artist used very dark colors up close to show how there are times that we struggle and it seems that there is no way to get over our struggles, which gives us this dark depressing feel. Then the artist used very bright vibrant colors in the backdrop of the painting to illustrate how there is always a brighter day ahead of and we just have to push through our hard times even when it seems like there is no way out. While viewing this art piece I felt very uplifted and gave me a spirit of hope because it reminded me to keep my head up even when things are looking down. My interpretation of this painting might of been wrong to what the artist was really trying to get across but what really mattered to me was that it made a difference in my life.

This was a magnificent art piece that spoke through its use of colors and abstract shapes. This was on of my favorite art pieces of the whole year because i really enjoyed the color manipulations and how the piece made me feel. Jeff Dulla did a great job using color to express feelings and how he used color to manipulate our feelings. Jeff has spectacular talent and I know he has a great future ahead of him as long as he keeps his priorities straight and keeps focused.


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Wk12-Activity-Teach One

For this activity I decided to teach my girlfriend Alayna Grapel about the the inspiration of painting so I concentrated mostly on week seven which was painting week. Since I am a film major I am very creative and artsy so I hangout with people who are very alike. Since I moved into my new house me and my roommates decided to create a chalk wall in our living room so when we feel inspiration we can grab a piece of chalk and draw what we feel. I decided to show Alayna the art on our chalk wall and express to her the importance of expanding our creativity and the importance of expressing ourselves. Once I began explaining all the great things about painting and just transfer our creativity onto a wall, Alayna got inspired and decided to add some art of her own. This was a very cool activity because of the fact that I was able to teach something and express how I feel about art.


Wk12-Artist Interview-Timothy Cooper

For this week I chose an art piece by Timothy Cooper named “Something that means Something” and I chose this piece because of my curiosity behind the name and because of the simplicity of the art piece. The art piece consisted of many white plates that where laid on the ground in the gallery in an order that created a cross shape. When viewing the art piece I immediately thought that the way they were organized had something to do with what the artist was trying to communicate to its viewers being that it was set up in a way that looked like a cross. I believed that the artist had some sort of religious meaning behind the art piece but couldn’t make a connection with what the plates symbolized. I am very interested in abstract art so I tried to break down every aspect of the art piece to try and figure out what the artist was trying to communicate.

With much thought I came to my own conclusion that the art piece symbolized prosperity and purity since all the plates where white and where place in a way that shaped a cross. I try to always pay attention to detail so every time I analyze a piece of art I try to find a meaning behind everything that the piece consist of. I decided to read the artist mission statement so I may be able to understand what the goals of this piece of art where and really get to understand the artwork. After reading the mission statement I realized that I had thought about this piece way to intellectually and that my idea of what the art piece symbolized was way off. This art project was created by multiple people and the whole point of the project was to prove that it is important to create things as a community to create a social and personal experience.

It was very cool to see how each plate has a significant value because they each have been made by an individual person. This was a very cool art project and was very inspired when I heard the meaning behind it. Timothy Cooper has a great vision with his artwork and I know he will make a great impact in the world of the arts.


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Wk12-Classmate Interview-Jose Lara

For this weeks classmate interviewed I was fortunate enough to pair up with Jose Lara and learned a lot about him in a very short amount of time. Jose is from Lakewood which is very close to Long Beach which is one of the main reasons he decided to attend CSULB since he wanted to stay close to home. Jose is the second one in his family to attend college because his older brother attend CSUN which is also very close by. Jose is currently on his second year at CSULB and is majoring in accounting and his main goal is to one day open his own private accounting firm once he graduates. He says that the main source of his motivation is that he wants to one day be able to support his parents without them having to work, which was something we had in common since that is also one of my main goals.

Aside from all the general information I was able to find out about Jose, I was also able to get to know Jose’s interests and what he did on his free time. When I asked Jose what was his favorite food was he said that he enjoys eating most fast food but if he had to pick one he would choose In N Out as his all time favorite. I also asked Jose if he was an owner of a pet and he said he had two dogs back home and they were both blue nosed pit bulls. One thing we really had in common was that we were both part of fraternities and we spent a lot of time talking about what our fraternities meant to us. Even though we belong to different fraternities we both had similar opinions on how fraternities can benefit our lives in the future and we both were very proud to be part of our fraternities.

I noticed that Jose was a very self motivated young man and I can see him doing great things in the future. He knows what he wants to do in life and doesn’t let anything get in his way. He is a very interesting person and it was really cool to hear what kind of person he is. I love being able to do classmate interviews because you learn a lot about someone that you probably wouldn’t get to know if you didn’t hangout with them.

Wk11-Classmate Interview-Marlene Gonzalez

For the classmate interview this week I decided to interview Marlene Gonzalez and got to know a lot about her in a short period of time. Marlene happened to be standing right in front of the entrance of the gallery and looked very approachable so I didn’t hesitate to ask for her interview. Marlene is from Downey which is really close to Long Beach and is one of the main reasons she decided to attend CSULB. This year is her third year attending CSULB and is currently majoring in Child Development and plans on becoming a pre school teacher once she has graduated. She wants to work with young children because she believes that it is a very critical time period in their development as members of society. If we are able to teach children at a young age what is right and wrong and how to think about the decisions they make they will become better contributing members of society.

One thing we had in common was that we are both Mexican and can both agree that we love Mexican food. Aside from being Mexican she is also part Guatemalan which I thought was really cool because it is pretty rare to find someone who comes from to different latino backgrounds. Another thing we had in common is that we both come from big families which is very common amongst latino families and we were also able to agree that having older siblings is very cool because of the fact that we get to learn a lot from them. Since I have a dog back home I asked Marlene if she owned any pets and she said no but she loves dogs and eventually would like to get one. Another thing I asked her was what was her favorite type of music and she said that she likes Mexican music simply because of the fact that she grew up around it but she also enjoys listening to Hip Hop.

Another thing she shared with me was that she had a boyfriend and she actually showed me a promise ring he bought her. I thought it was really nice and she also explained that she plans on eventually marring him if everything goes as planned. It was very cool to get to know Marlene on a more personal level and I liked how we had a couple things in common. She had a very sweet personality and was very sociable which made the interview a lot less awkward and made the interview a lot more interesting. I really enjoyed our conversation and wish her nothing but the best in the future with her academics and social life.

Wk11-Artist Interview- Romina Del Castillo

For this week I chose an art piece by Romina Del Castillo which was titled “Golden Shower”, which caught my attention because of how realistic the piece looked. The piece consisted of a drawing of a nun and a baby that are created by a lot of black and white shading with a very light pink background. The shading in this art piece is spectacular which makes the features of the nun and the baby appear very realistic and brings the art piece to life. The thing that I found very amazing was the fact that the art piece was made with just charcoal and pastels, which was mind blowing because of how detailed and sharp every line and color is presented in the portrait. Every time I analyze an art piece I like to figure out the reason behind the name the artist has chosen for the art piece because I believe the name has a lot to do with the motivation or deeper meaning behind the piece. When I tried to put the name and the the visual part of the art piece together I couldn’t really think of how the name and visual correlated together and had me scratching my head at one point.

After much thought I was able to come up with my own conclusion of why the artist might of picked this name for her portrait and how they correlate together. The portrait has a drawing of a nun and we can see a baby floating in mid air trying to place a crown with thorns and roses on the nuns head. By the baby we can see what appears to be rays of sun light and we get this impression because of the gold stripes that appear at the right corner. Since the portrait was given the name “Golden Shower” I came to the conclusion that the baby was no ordinary baby but it was in fact a baby angel and I came to this conclusion because of the fact that angels come from the heavens above just like the water that comes fro  a hove the shower head when you shower. The color gold to me represents purity, power and royalty, which is how the heavens are viewed as by those involved in religion and have a belief in God. The other obvious reason that brought me to conclude that this was a religious related portrait was the fact that there was a nun in the portrait, which is a part of the catholic church.

After talking to the artist, she mentioned that her main goal of her art projects is to create a certain feeling in each person no matter what it is. Its is all about connecting with the art piece and making a personal connection because in the end the only thing that matters is that it made a difference in your life. I loved this art piece because I am a big fan of realism and love how Romina used her creativity to bring this portrait to life. Romina has unbelievable talent and I know for a fact her talent will take her a long way in her career. As long as she stays focus and motivated she will make a positive impact in the art world.


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Wk11-Activity-Student Choice

For my activity this week I decided to venture out and explore art that’s displayed in city and can be found in street walls, buildings, billboards and other places art can be created. This week I had a family trip to New York and saw this as a perfect time and place to explore and find some great art. Walking around New York City there were many great art pieces all over the place but I wanted to find something that I had never seen before. Getting closer to Time Square I found the piece I was looking for and it caught my attention because of how big and colorful it was. It consisted of an entire building that was pretty much used as a sketch pad for an artist and used their creativity to create a very beautiful art piece. This was definitely my favorite art piece that I was able to find in New York City and it made me realize how much art can be found in New York. I thought this was a good idea for an activity because I want people to realize they don’t need to go to a gallery or a museum to see great art but they can go out and explore their cities to find great pieces of art.